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Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together? Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.


SPICA’s Park JuHyun MVs (2011-2014)

ice-and-fire-collide asked: Ashlie!! For the meme, I think enhancer fits you more! <3


Reblog with your favorite song:

2AM: I'm Sorry I Can't Laugh For You or I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me
2NE1: Ugly
2PM: :/// I-- what's a favorite 2PM song? :( 기다리다 지친다, Comeback When You Hear This Song, A.D.T.O.Y, 미친거 아니야, Pull & Pull, She's Ma Girl, Falling In Love, Ultra Lover, Give Me Love, Dangerous, 문득 -- you know what? Just put the entirety of the Grown album on here - everything but Minjun's True Swag tbh.
4Minute: .....Heart to Heart. don't look at me. I need to listen to more 4Minute lmao
AA: --
A-JAX: - Come Back
Akdong Musician: I Love You, Give Love, 200%
AOA: Moya
APink: Hush
A-Prince: --
After School: Lady Luck, Dilly Dally,
B1A4: .....do.... no? I can't. Wonderful Tonight, Baby Goodnight, Drive, Smile, Crush, What's Going On, Beautiful Target, Feeling, 너만 있으면, In the Air, 예뻐, Amazing, STARLIGHT SONG, GOOD LOVE, YESTERDAY (the entire WGO mini okay), 길, Seoul, :|||| (the whole Who Am I album) DRUNK ON MUSIC, LOOK I LOVE EVERYTHING GODDAMMIT
B.A.P: ......B.A.B.Y.........
B2ST: --
Beenzino: Aqua Man (but I'm still so new to Beenzino!)
Big Bang: --
Block B: Halo, Be the Light, Nalina, Very Good, H.E.R. :/// 닐리리맘보, 11:30, Movie's Over, Jackpot
Boyfriend: Love Style!!!!!, Janus, Super Hero, a lot of the Japanese tracks?!
Brown Eyed Girls: Hold the Line
BTOB: uhhhhhhh 그 입술을 뺏었어, 비밀, Monday to Sunday, Wow, Thriller, 사랑밖에 난 몰라, When I Was Your Man, Catch Me, 여보세요, Hello Mello. idk. I like BTOB a lot.
BTS: --
Chocolat: -
CNBlue: Hey You, Rock 'n Roll, Let's Go Crazy, In My Head, Love Girl
DGNA: Jumping, Love Parade, Lover Power
Dalmatian: - E.R
DBSK: --
EXO: --
F.Cuz: --
FT Island: - Love Is, Girls Don't Know, You Are Love, Love Is!!!!!! (basically the whole Colorful Sensibility album is my favorite FTIsland ever but also) I Hope, Severely, To the Light,
f(x): Rum Pum Pum, Pretty Girl, Airplane, Toy, Snapshot (I love that Pink Tape album okay)
Girl's Day: Darling, Timing, YOUNG LOVE!!! Expectation, Oh! My God, Shuppy Shuppy, Something. idk I love Girl's Day don't do this to me
Girls' Generation: --
Got7: 난 니가 좋아, Like Oh, Playground, 따라와, A, Good Tonight, Forever Young. you can't make me choose
Hello Venus: Venus
Infinite: 다시 돌아와 FOREVER AND ALWAYS, but also: 추격자, Chaser, 그 해 여름!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that whole Infinitize album okay? Nothing's Over, too.
JJ Project: Hooked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JYJ: -
Kara: -
LED Apple: Run to You, Dash
M.I.B : Nod Along, Chisa Bounce, Dash (Men In Black), Only Hard For Me
MBLAQ: 모르겠어요, Stay, Cry, Mona Lisa, Smoky Girl, War, No Love, Scribble, 아찔한 그녀!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 그대여, 사랑이 온다!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can't make me choose sorry
MR.MR : --
miss A: Goodbye Baby, Touch, Bad Girl Good Girl, Breathe, Mr. Johnny, If I Were a Boy, Over U, 남자 없이 잘 살아. Once again you can't make me choose
Nine Muses: --
Nu'est: Face, 여보세요, Sleep Walking
Orange Caramel : ...... uhh My Copycat, Catellena, Lipstick, Abing Abing, Magic Girl
Rainbow: --
RaNia: --
SS501: A Song Calling For You lmao
Secret: SHY BOY!!!!, Madonna, Poison, Magic
SHINee: Hello
Shinhwa: --
Sistar: Alone, Summer Time, Up and Down, Touch My Body, Wow, Naughty Hands, Ma Boy
Sunmi: Full Moon
Super Junior: --
Supernova: --
Sunny Hill: --
T-ARA: Roly Poly, Bo Peep Bo Peep, Cry Cry,
TaeTiSeo: --
Teen Top: To You, 향수 뿌리지마 :// Miss Right, I pretend that I don't like Supa Luv :/
UKiss: - 0330, Miracle, Neverland, Forbidden Love, Tik Tak, A Shared Dream, Take Me Away, Someday, Baby Don't Cry, Believe, Party All the Time (shhhhhh), 빙글빙글
VIXX: 여자는 왜, Gr8 You
Winner: --
Wonder Girls: Nobody, Be My Baby, Wishing on a Star, 이 바보, Like Money, The DJ Is Mine
ZE A: The Day We Broke Up (it's ZE:A5 but whatever)

vampire vs maid 


미쳤엌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ니코니코 감사합니닼ㅋㅋㅋ짱좋앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
상상이 현실이되다닠ㅋㅋ

frenchmaid!cnu (feat. gongchan)


Who thought it was okay to make this gifset?


"The words I couldn’t say-"

"The feelings that I couldn’t accept-"

Yeah, but what about “the hands that didn’t touch” from Ch. 71? You purposely omitted that to give us a scare, huh, Yamamori-sensei? ;D I have faith in you to deliver! Mazume will be endgame. And seriously, if it’s not, let’s ship it anyway, because I know I am.

Personal Opinion: Communication and Suzume’s character development


After reading the rough summaries, I think the ending of chapter 77 parallels to Suzume’s rooftop confession in chapter 17 (and other chapters), which helps reinforces the growth of her character and the overall theme and importance of communication in the story.

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*spoiler alert kind of* its not soo much the age difference that bugs me about suzume and sensei its the fact that they know nothing about eachother, its this love that i feel came out of nowhere. Like what are the reasons for you loving him or him loving you. I honestly just think they are infatuated with each other. She cares for him and he for her but its not love, not for me. Now mamura loves suzume and we know why. She helped him open up, she became his first real friend, they hung out together a lot and she helped him get over his phobia of girls, she became his friends and supported and talked to him. Suzume hasn’t yet fallen in love with mamura because shes still infatuated with sensei but that will soon go away and she will realize how much she cares about mamura, that they share a bond of friends and that they just fit together well.

I hope you don’t mind me reblogging this! I just like talking HnR *~* But yeah yeah this is exactly why I - and a lot of my friends! - don’t ship Shizume, either. I’ve largely felt uncomfortable with the use of the “love” between Shishio and Suzume (and tbh even between Mamura and Suzume) because I’m not sure if that’s how it actually translates - but also because you’re right. Shishio and Suzume don’t really KNOW each other. I’m not going to use this post to like, put down people who ship it, but I AM expressing that I don’t see it? I get that there’s an ATTRACTION. And I get that they’re drawn to each other. But Suzume struggled to figure out what to get Shishio for Christmas and wound up getting him something SHE liked, whereas with Mamura, she wound up getting him something she knew HE would like. (One could, I suppose, argue that Mamura’s interest in music is more ~obvious~, which is I suppose a fair argument, but still stands to legitimately show that she still doesn’t know Shishio as well.)

On numerous cases, we’ve watched both Shishio and Suzume swallow down things they want - and should! - to say to the other, whereas Mamura and Suzume show more openness. Obviously they are not 100% open, and that’s okay because they’ve been exploring this budding relationship and learning to navigate it but they have a sense of openness. Mamura talks to Suzume with honesty and they are always frank and real with each other. They have pushed and inspired each other to be better people and they make a point to always be there for each other. I think she actually HAS fallen for Mamura, but she just doesnt’ yet recognize it, because it’s not how it was with Shishio. What Suzume has/had with Shishio is much more like the stories she’s read in her shoujo mangas and that’s all she’s ever had to go off of. With Mamura, though, it’s different; it’s not the same blood rush - though she’s had the instances!!! - it’s the same pining and yearning. It’s a cautious but careful love that grows steadily until one day you wake up and realize that it’s been here! It’s the way she misses him in his absence and notices when he’s not behaving the same and how she’s aware that she has more fun with him.

And I think what Suzume needs is to realize that what happened with Shishio ended and get that closure - that it’s done that it was crumbling anyway that sometimes two people can care and not belong together. And then she’ll be able to fully face those Mamura feelings head-on.




For the last time, if Mazume is endgame, it won’t be because Yamamori-sensei was influenced by her goddamn editor, or publisher, or fans, or whatever fuck else people keep conjuring up. Yes, that’s right. I said “conjuring up,” as in, it’s made up, as in, there are no fucking facts to back this up.

It would be endgame, because that’s the fucking ending Yamamori-sensei chose. Because in case people forgot, she already knew how she wanted to end this manga a long time ago.

Seriously, quit with this stupid, invalidating rhino shit.

Ship and let ship.

Anonymous asked: No Mazume ending? :(


I haven’t read the chapter yet and I know there’s summary out there, but according to the people I follow, it seems like HnR is really pushing the love triangle until the end.

Judging from the skimming I’ve done, it seems that Shishio let everything drop about his feelings (which I fully expected) but with one chapter to go, I still have conviction that Mazume is going to happen. Just because everything is out in the open, a story that neglects to tidy up issues that were heavily featured in it’s story and seeks to solve everything with a confession to bring back a couple seems way too deux ex machina. If I could pick up on this lazy storytelling, I’m sure sensei herself knows it too. So, I’m trusting her to bring her story home for the last chapter. I’ll delve more into our commentary once I read/ translate it. 

pocketfurrofsunshine replied to your post “HEY DALLAS HOTTEST WHERE ARE YOU SITTING?!”


I still wish you could come with us :(((( But we will get you pictures and video and you will be there with us in spirit! <33333333 THANK YOU THOUGH OH MY GOSH /SQUISHY HUGS YOU