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I’ve put this off as long as possible but I am very very scared for my dog and I need to ask for help.

as my followers might remember, back in January Baelfire, my service dog, started having seizures. I took him to the vet, they looked him over and x rayed him and said they didn’t know what was happening and that if he had more seizures I should come in again. I had just switched him onto a new food and there were people online saying their dogs had also had seizures on that food, so I put him back on his old food and it seemed like things got better. 

That was January. In June, Bae had three more seizures. He hasn’t had one since as of July 24, thank god. But his behavior has rapidly changed - my roommate said he seems more like a five month old puppy than a three year old dog. He’s shaking his head a lot and whining more and holding his ears funny, and at one point apparently (my roommate told me this, I was gone at the time) seemed to forget where he was or who my roommates were and cowered in the corner for a while before returning to “normal”. My roommate who’s a trainer spoke to a vet-tech friend of hers and apparently she said the signs point to a brain tumor. I can’t in good conscience allow him to continue working as my service dog with his health being this bad.

I can’t at this point afford vet care for him. Right now I have about 50 dollars for the next two months after rent and utilities are paid, and that has to cover my food as well as his. I can possibly do it in September when my financial aid comes in, but I am very afraid that it will be too late by that point. If you have even a couple of dollars you can drop in my Paypal, or if you could signal boost this post, I would appreciate it a lot.


this is my favorite thing of the day

[ENG] MWAVE Meet & Greet (CNU)



anime of the year 2014. calling it.

this is fucking bullshit. they could have called this “loli pop” and they fucking didn’t. they had an anime where they turned a guy’s dad in to a little girl and they didn’t fucking call it “loli pop” this is so fucking stupid god dammit 

[HD] 140725 Music Bank — B1A4 WAITING ROOM | SOLO DAY | 3RD WIN




my uncle used to be one of those people who drove dead people to cemeteries and such 

then he became a taxi driver and the person he was driving tapped his shoulder to ask a question and my uncle screamed really loud


I’m sure that’s what he thought.

[HD] Special Message from B1A4 for B1A4 Road Trip to Australia
Ao Haru Ride OPSekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru by CHiCO

Tanaka sensei’s fashion sense.



Welcome to San Francisco

Time to go back.

Aww, I miss NorCal